T332 Transformation - Midnight Collection

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In honour of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, for the month of October (2014), the backs of the Transformation Memory Blocks will be painted pink and 25% of the proceeds from the sale of the Transformation Memory Blocks will be donated to Willow Breast & Hereditary Cancer Support. Your purchase of this special Memory Block will help maximize our contribution to Willow's invaluable support programs and services.  Together we can ensure that no one faces breast cancer alone.

This delicate creature has a powerful story: The dragonfly spends its first years of life living in the water. One day, when it is ready to change, the dragonfly climbs up a reed and miraculously begins to breathe air, crawling out from its old skin and unfolding the majestic wings which were there within its body all along. It is now carried by these wings to a new existence; a new plane of reality, which would seem too fantastic to be real to its other tiny friends still living in the pond.

The challenges we face in life will leave us forever changed, sometimes physically. As the dragonfly's story illustrates, we may even appear to vanish to our friends, but we have simply changed forms. A challenging life path can allow us to gather the strength needed to use the inner courage we’re born with. After this difficult transformation, survivors and those who fought gain a new and beautiful kind of power. There are stories of those who believe dragonflies visit us sometimes as messengers from loved ones who have passed on after undergoing this transformative journey, so keep this tale in mind the next time you see a dragonfly.



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