Transitional Masterpiece January 29 2018

The Setting:

Two-story residence in Lake Oswego, OR

The Challenge:

When the homeowners first approached Bella Casa, they were looking to simply update their home furnishings. As the project progressed they decided to do major renovations on the entire home including a total kitchen overhaul, raising the sunken living room to the same level as the rest of the first floor, as well as a custom rail for the curved staircase. In the mean time, the clients had already purchased quite a bit of furniture that we now had to make sure still fit in the newly renovated spaces. While they wanted the new decor to be sophisticated and more contemporary, they have two younger children so we selected upholstery options that are easily cleaned and kid-friendly.

The Solution:

As the project progressed the overriding concept began to take shape. The overall palette would be grays, creams, golds, silver and black. Varied textures and tone-on-tone patterns were added for variety.