Bedroom Romance - Creating a Sanctuary in Your Home February 03 2015, 0 Comments

Gregory Crowe, Interior Designer at Bella Casa offers these creative words.  First and foremost-treat your bedroom as your sanctuary! Too often we spend all of our time, money and energy focusing on every room in our home except the bedroom. Instead, your bedroom should be the room where you go to relax, unwind and hopefully reconnect with your significant other. 

1. Control the Clutter

Staring at a stack of bills on your nightstand can be a mood killer! 

 -Keep bills and other paper correspondence in an expandable file folder hidden in your night stand or under the bed. 

 -Don’t use your bedroom as a place to store folded laundry, stacks of magazines or the kids’ “projects”. 

 -Consider using storage bins under the bed or in closets to keep all of your clutter out of sight and mind. 

 -A beautifully upholstered bench with storage at the foot of the bed is another great way to tuck away papers and projects at a moments notice.

2. Select the Right Room Color

Determine what you want for the overall mood in your bedroom.

 -Spaces with a palette of soothing, watery blues and pale greens can create a sense of tranquility and peacefulness.

 -At the opposite end of the color spectrum, “hot” colors such as spicy reds can invigorate and excite the senses, especially in darker, saturated hu

3. Buy the Bed

You probably already know that we humans spend about a third of our lives sleeping, so always buy the very best sleep system you can afford! 

 -Start with the mattress. There are so many options today for every budget, there’s no excuse to be sleeping on an old, uncomfortable mattress. Ask your friends and family for recommendations, shop around and do your homework before you make your final decision. 

 -Now choose your headboard and frame. On the budget friendly end, you could purchase just an upholstered headboard and use it with a Hollywood frame. Otherwise opt for a complete bed with side and end rails. Upholstered beds have gained popularity over the past several years as they often have softer corners for sensitive shins. I’m a stickler for frames with no “toe-smashers”. I like a frame where a big toe can safely tuck under without injury-frames with corner legs and platform bases that aren’t adequately recessed are not considered.

4. Make the Bed

Literally. A messy, unmade bed is sloppy and most definitely not romantic. Make it every morning so when you get home at the end of a chaotic day, you’ll walk into your neat, tidy bedroom and feel relaxed. 

 -Invest in good quality sheets as the base for your bedding. Not only will they feel better to the touch, they will hold up better over time. 

 -When it comes to the top of the bed, it’s all about texture and layering. No matter if you prefer tons of accent pillows, thick duvet covers and blankets, or a more minimal look, go for quality and comfort-no one wants to rest their face on a scratchy pillow or blanket. Tibetan lamb’s wool pillow’s are the ultimate in texture and softness. Faux fur pillows and throws are a more affordable option that will give your bed a similar look and feel. 

5. Set the Mood 

Lighting: Bright, overhead lighting is not romantic! Think soft and subdued instead. Most people have a tendency to purchase too-small lamps for the bedside. You want something with a bit of height and scale to create drama and give you more available light.

 -One of the easiest and economical ways to control your existing lighting is to install dimmer switches to overhead lights.  If your bedroom’s only overhead light is coming from the standard contractor grade ceiling fan, do everyone a huge favor and replace it with something more stylish. 

 -To dim bedside lamps, check out your local hardware store and pick up plug-in dimmers. 

 -As a last resort, simply switch out higher wattage bulbs with no more than 40 watts. Bulbs with a pink hue can be flattering to most skin tones but don’t always compliment wall color and furnishings.

Scent: Choose something new that you both enjoy or a fragrance that brings back fond memories from a favorite trip you shared. 

 -Candles are a great choice for creating a romantic mood and filling your room with scent but they can often be messy and dangerous so use with caution! Diffusers and room sprays are a great option instead of candles. 

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