Before You Buy Furniture Learn About Truth To Materials March 17 2015, 80 Comments


When you take a moment and look around your home, do you notice the materials that comprise each element in your space? How do you feel when you are lounging on your sofa, chopping at your kitchen counter, working at your dining table? Do you consider what those materials are and how the materials are working for you both functionally and aesthetically?

We here at Bella Casa are materials geeks. The beauty, nature, function and origin of materials and how designers and craftsmen interpret them in creating a piece is a minor obsession for us as designers. We love to endeavor to learn everything about everything from those surfaces that have existed since the beginning of time to the newest innovations that our clever industry keeps introducing. 

Throughout the 1800’s and 1900’s, as Industrial Technology evolved, a movement called “Truth-to-Materials” arose which stressed that what is innate in any given material should inspire and influence what is created from it. Today, the Truth-To-Materials philosophy has evolved alongside modern technology that allows the pure nature of any given material to shine aesthetically and maintain function.  As every human is unique in the way that they use their spaces, material is key in choosing every element within your home. This is the way that you curate a space that wins your daily admiration and serves you functionally. Living in a home with this balance is an experience like no other. 

In our showroom, we love to show off the endless array of choices in the approach of our many vendors and their craftsmen toward material choice. If you're looking for a table, do you want the beauty of solid wood along with the advantages of a finish that is 10% harder than any other wood product on the market?  We have that! Do you want to go a bit more industrial and rough-hewn with a concrete composite? Or have you explored the marvels of sleek, unconventional and extremely tough shagreen? Whether you are in need of a piece or two that pulls everything together or comprehensive design services, we love to break down the attributes of our products to find a piece that truly melds into your life and makes your home feel like a home. In future posts, we'll be breaking down the attributes of the endless array of what goes into choosing and maintaining a piece in your homes so that you can geek out alongside us! Until then, come by our flagship store on NW 9th and Everett any time to feel, sit, and experience the exciting possibilities for your space!

 "Truth-To-Materials" -- often encountered as a phrase in 19th and 20th-century writings on arts and design, such as woodworking -- is a maxim of the school of thought which believes that the innate qualities of the materials should influence the projects created from them. The Truth-To-Materials doctrine appeared as a consequence of technological development. Before the advent of the Industrial Revolution, truth-to-materials was not an issue. Following the Truth-To-Materials doctrine, under a minimal finish, a wood's natural grain is allowed to show, or rather than be polished to an artificial shine, the rich, green, patina of copper is left untouched.


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